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Meet the Aesir Kids in their first adventure, co-written by James Grant Goldin and his daughter Charlotte Goldin. The Aesir Kids live in Asgard, the magical realm of the Norse gods and goddesses. You may have heard of their parents – Thor, Loki, Sif, Balder – now come join the children of Asgard and their escapades with giants, trolls and magical pets!

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“The Aesir Kids” Garners Raves From Children’s Book Club!

“Our book club kids said this book is for, ““anyone interested in mythology, who liked Percy Jackson, who loves kid power, kids who save the world, lots of suspense and exciting action.  This book is ‘Axe-cellent!’”, reports Linda Sherman-Nurick, owner of Cellar Door Books in Riverside, CA, whose Children’s Book Club chose “The Aesir Kids” as their November selection.  “I loved the characters, and the adventure had me up late to finish.”



The Aesir Kids has been chosen by the Children’s Book Club at Cellar Door Books as their November 2014 selection! A big thank you to Cellar Door Books in Riverside, CA; Linda and her staff have been busy telling everyone about The Aesir Kids and we have just sent them another shipment of books to meet the demand. Authors James Grant Goldin and daughter Charlotte Goldin met with the Children’s Book Club and described how they developed characters like Thrud, daughter of Thor and Fire, son of the Norns, based on Norse myths and their own imaginations. ( Cellar Door Bookstore)