Audio Interview

Hear the authors of The Aesir Kids talk about the book and their creative process on The Bookcast. Well-known radio journalist and podcaster Bill Thompson leads a lively interview with father-daughter authors James and Charlotte Goldin.   Find out how 11-year old Charlotte created new characters and unexpected journeys, and how her father James took her ideas and his knowledge of Norse myths to weave an adventure that appeals to children and grown-ups alike.

Find out the how the authors created their own unique blend of characters: Thrud (daughter of Thor), a pre-teen with an after school job and an irresistible desire to become a Valkyrie, she has to treat her Uncle Loki with respect but also with caution… Skade and Ull, the god and goddess of skiing, are kids who also enjoy snowboarding in the frozen north… Fire is an original character – find out how he was created and what fate brought him to Asgard home of the Norse gods.Author Interview on The Bookcast