“The Aesir Kids” Garners Raves From Children’s Book Club!

On May 2, at Flintridge Bookstore James Goldin read an adventure from The Aesir Kids where the children must get into Loki’s castle across the moat of monsters! A special thank you to “Pointers on Readings for Kids” by Aaron Shepard in the May “Independent” from IBPA.  Charlotte Goldin had fun with the kids in attendance working on the Thrud and Fire coloring pages and the “Write Your Name in Runes” exercise. A fine time was had at Flintridge!


“Our book club kids said this book is for, ““anyone interested in mythology, who liked Percy Jackson, who loves kid power, kids who save the world, lots of suspense and exciting action.  This book is ‘Axe-cellent!’”, reports Linda Sherman-Nurick, owner of Cellar Door Books in Riverside, CA, whose Children’s Book Club chose “The Aesir Kids” as their November selection.  “I loved the characters, and the adventure had me up late to finish.”







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