The Aesir Kids on Larchmont Buzz

TV writer James Grant Goldin and his 11-year-old daughter Charlotte will be signing copies of their book “THE AESIR KIDS,” at Chevalier’s Bookstore on Saturday, April 26, 2-4 pm.

Aesir kids pr cover photoThe fantasy-adventure novel, written for readers 8-12, is based on the magical world of Norse mythology. In Asgard, the children of Thor, Loki and other gods battle giants and trolls, while dealing with classroom bullies and after-school jobs. Friendships are forged and relationships are tested as the Aesir Kids face mystery, danger, betrayal and the potential end of the universe.

“I came up with the ideas, plot and characters; he just wrote them down!” Charlotte told the Buzz in an interview via email during her 5th grade studies.  ”He wrote a first draft, then I would tell him what to change.  I mostly added better ideas; he mostly had good ideas that I added onto. Sometimes I would say a character wouldn’t do something or didn’t go along with the overall plot.  For example in the chapter “The Silver Horseshoes”, at the beginning Thrud was too much like a damsel in distress, so I changed it so she was more self-reliant and independent, like all girls should be.”


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